Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Help me, Mommy Friends!

So I have a stubborn baby problem. My baby has decided she doesn't want to eat, not entirely true she will gladly eat any bread product and she will usually eat yogurt. But we took her to the doctor for her well visit last week and she had dropped from the 15th percentile for weight to the 2nd percentile. I have to start taking her back every couple weeks for weight checks until we get her to start gaining weight, but she won't eat. When she was a month old, I had to take her in for the weight checks every week, so this is a recurring problem. I have been able to start her on whole cow's milk, which she actually drinks until she decides to amuse herself by throwing it on the floor (thinking about duct taping it to her hand).
She will happily eat fruit, but is rejecting any type of pasta, bean, tofu, vegetable that I give her. So I need to get creative. She won't eat scrambled eggs or meat. I don't know if these are texture issues or if this is just her trying to assert control. She is just over one and due to allergy issues cannot have any nuts, fish, or strawberries. If you have any ideas/suggestions of foods that I could try, please let me know. I need to get this kid to gain some weight. Thanks!


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