Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Rec Center Fitness Room

I am in a slow period with work, so I am taking advantage of my light schedule by going to the rec center to work out. I have looked at all of the gyms and the YMCA, but I cannot justify paying close to $100 a month when I can pay $85 for an entire year at the rec center, which also has a pool. I am way too frugal for that.

So I have been frequenting the rec center fitness room for the past week and I just feel like I need to share my experiences with the world. Now before anyone gets offended, this is all in jest. I applaud everyone who works out to stay healthy.

My husband loves the elliptical and talks about how wonderful it is on his joints, blah blah. I learned a few years ago this machine wasn't for me, as much as I wanted it to be. I tried it one day and within 3 minutes, no joke, I had to run out of the room to throw up. I have pretty extreme motion sickness and the constant up and down was too much for me. The poor lady next to me who watched me turn white and break in to a sweat must have been horrified. So anyway, I have been using a stationary bike for years, but wanted to try something different. And I discovered ...the Octane.

This bad boy is a sit down elliptical and I love it. I can get the benefit and work out of an elliptical minus the throwing up. Now they are a hot commodity in a rec center. Most of the other people who visit the fitness center when I am there are about 30-40 years my senior. And I think the octane is probably a great theraputic workout because it is a freaking battle to get one of these things. There are only 4 of them and about 20 stationary bikes.

So if I can't get one I usually use a bike while I wait for one to open up; I have the advantage of not walking with a cane so I beat out my competition heading for the open octane. Here's what drives me crazy, the purpose of using this machine over a bike is to get the whole body workout with your arms and legs and seriously the majority of other users, do not use the arm part. I watch one lady work on her crossword puzzle as she leisurely pushes the pedals. Use one of the open bikes lady if you just want to pedal. Not even kidding, today I sat down on my octane and I thought the lady next to me didn't have arms. I was considering how I could offer to help her wipe down the machine when she finished since she was armless. Nope as she finished her workout, she pulled her arms out of sweatshirt where they had been for her entire workout. Very strange.

I have been asked how long until I finish because a lady wanted to sit and talk to her friend (really? while on a piece of equipment), but I am the newbie-the one invading their set patterns. So I am more than polite and for the most part it cracks me up. Because I am clearly the odd one, who loves a piece of fitness equipment designed for senior citizens.

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