Friday, March 4, 2016

It's All in the Details

They say it's all in the details. Unfortunately details are not really my thing. I am a big idea person. Logistics-eh? I need someone to take care of those things for me. Oh maybe, a personal assistant, I would love one of those. Not sure I can justify that with my work from home salary, but it would be great. Especially if she liked to clean and watch kids too. But I digress.

So, we have been saving up for a while to purchase a sectional couch. I need to sleep downstairs a few nights a week every month due to my little one's PFAPA episodes, so I have felt this purchase was justified. We have been visiting furniture stores for months searching for the perfect sectional within our price range. Oddly enough we didn't opt for the one with the built in cup holders and drink cooler as my husband was pulling for. I stalked for a month waiting for the perfect sale (A little tidbit I found: lowest furniture sale prices occur in January.) Finally we ordered this couch that was going to revolutionize our family room.

The couch was to be delivered on a day that I had to be somewhere with one of the kids and the other was sick, so I convinced my husband to work from home so he could be here when the couch arrived. I texted him mid-morning to ask if it was there. He replied that yes, it had been delivered. When I asked how it looked, his reply was simply, "Big." My husband doesn't handle change well, so I just didn't think much of his comment. Until I got home.

Well one little problem with the new couch is that it is so long the back door was blocked. Kind of a necessity with a dog who may need to use the bathroom at some point. No big deal we thought. The couch would actually be going up against the other wall, but we hadn't had a chance to dismantle and move our huge entertainment system and hang the TV above the fireplace, so this was temporary. We had guests coming in town for the weekend and figured it was easier to leave as is and just block the back door for the weekend.

Our guests came and went and we no longer had an excuse not to tackle this family room makeover. We planned to move the end units of the entertainment system into our office and put them on either side of our couch. We moved the first one in and put it in place and I noticed the first snafu. There were only about 8 inches to put the other 22" unit in place. So we brainstormed, I thought of switching the couch with the matching loveseat that was in our bedroom and there would be enough space. Brilliant. I ran upstairs with the measuring tape. Guess what? The couch wouldn't fit.

We ended up moving my dresser to this wall and putting the couch against the other wall in our bedroom. It's quite cozy and lovely, but the dresser blocks the light switch to the bathroom. But honestly why on earth would the builder put the light switch to the bathroom in the middle of the wall (like more than a full arm length from the entrance to the bathroom?)

In all we had to rearrange 10 major pieces of furniture, not including the sectional. Finally after all of that we were able to move the sectional up against the correct wall of the family room and still it's rather large. But it fits. I have told my husband that this is the sign we have been waiting for that we need to move to a bigger house.

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