Saturday, November 13, 2010

Clean Out Your Bookshelves

Recently I cleaned out our bookshelves and got rid of books that I no longer felt the need to keep.  My house looked neater in the process and I made some extra money that I will be depositing in my envelope to buy a new bed frame.  There are several websites that will buy books from you that are in good condition.  The process is so easy and I received my check within a week of sending the books.  You just need to type in the ISBN number from the back of the book and it will tell you how much they will pay you for the book.  When you are ready to send the books in, you print off the shipping label and mail them in using a prepaid shipping label and you receive a check or you can have money deposited directly in to a PayPal account. The site I used is Cash4Books.  Happy cleaning!

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