Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Used to Be Rich...

My husband and I have often reminisced on our life when we were "wealthy".  We both had full-time jobs with decent incomes, a modest mortgage on our first home, and very little debt otherwise.  We were able to go out to fancy restaurants, wear the latest styles, and could meet most of our indulgent wants. Fast forward to life today, I work from home and raise our two children and my husband runs his own company.  The company is in its third year and has been successful, but we have been forced to live a much different more frugal lifestyle to stay afloat. Those champagne tastes I developed are hard to leave behind though, so I have learned to change my spending habits while still enjoying the finer things in life (just not as often.)

This blog will be devoted to spending money wisely, saving money for goals, and sharing great deals.  I hope you enjoy!

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