Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sleeping on the Floor

Several years ago, we purchased a beautiful four poster bed; it is very nice dark wood with intricate details.  No matter what we do or how often we tighten it the bed is squeaky though.  And so we have regrettably come to the conclusion (maybe not that regrettably for my husband, he doesn't seem to care) that function must take precedence over beauty.  We are going to sell the bed frame and until we have saved enough money to buy a new bed frame outright, we will just sleep with our mattress and box spring on the floor. 

Our goal is to use credit cards as little as possible and not to make large purchases unless we have the money to pay for them.  And so I am starting an envelope for a bed frame, over the next few months as we come across extra money, we will deposit the money in the envelope until we can buy our new frame.  So far I have two checks in the envelope, one is a rebate check that I received and the other is for some books that I sold, see my next post for more details.  I am thinking a sleigh bed would be nice. 

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