Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brrrrrrrrrr...It's Cold Outside

I am so cold. Seriously I am not cut out for temperatures like this. I live near the beach in Virginia, an area that does not get overly cold. We have already had snow 3 times this month, which never happens. Growing up it snowed in kindergarten and then in 11th grade. It has been in the 20s and 30s this past week and I am frozen. believe me I know some of you would welcome temperatures like this, but I am just not used to it and we don't really have winter clothing.

So anyways, this brings me to a great deal at Amazon today. They have 75% off winter clothing as part of their Daily Deal. If you are part of Amazon Mom's you will receive free shipping. They have a pair of kids' ski bibs for $8.50. I am thinking these would be good for the kids playing outside on snowy days, if we are going to continue getting snow like this.   As cold as I feel the whole concept of the Snuggie is not seeming quite as ridiculous anymore.  :)

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