Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Cookie Weekend

I hope my oven is ready for the baking I am planning this weekend. I started the morning off with a chocolate cappucino birthday cake for my husband.  I do feel for people with December birthdays; it is tough to get out of the Christmas mindset and focus on a birthday when Christmas is only 7 days away.  He celebrated his birthday earlier this week, but had dental work done and asked me to make his birthday cake over the the weekend when he could properly enjoy it.

Anyways I am planning to bake plates of cookies for my family, friends, and neighbors.  My daughter is excited to help me with the baking. She is excited about the sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. Today is the day of traditional cookies. We are making the green cornflake wreath cookies. I love the almond crescents and snickerdoodles. I stocked up Hershey's kisses for the classic peanut blossom cookies.  My husband has not an adventerous bone in his body when it comes to cookies and wants me to finish it off with some good old chocolate chip cookies and stop there.  I feel like chocolate chip cookies do not even deserve a place on a Christmas cookie platter, those are cookies for the rest of the year. What do you think?

Tomorrow I can make the fancier recipes that might be found in a Martha Stewart magazine. I can't wait.


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