Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Houdini

Seriously, my baby may aspire to become a mountain climber/magician. She is constantly climbing on anything that she can. She considers books simply a tool to stack and use to get higher.

Today I had her in the highchair (strapped in) while I was making lunch across the kitchen. Within 30 seconds I turned around and she had somehow wriggled out of her straps and gotten on top of the tray and was trying to climb on to the kitchen table. Aaah! What the heck, seriously and this was all done silently. Luckily I got her down before anything horrible happened and now the kid will be strapped down extra tight.

I am just hoping that she lives to see her first birthday, thank goodness we have health insurance. This child is so different from my first born lovely little rule follower.

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