Sunday, January 30, 2011

Touche Previous Homeowners

One way we have been able to redesign the home that we bought for a steal 2 years ago is by being willing to pick up our paintbrushes. Actually the house itself is only 12 years old and was in fantastic shape, but the previous owners had an interesting color palette, to put it mildly, which kept it empty on the market for several months. We put in an offer and after negotiation it was accepted for $65,000 below the original asking price. Seriously with it just needing paint we thought we had scored the bargain of a lifetime.
When you walked in to the tall foyer you were met by walls in four contrasting colors, ah lovely. That was the first to go. Ah, it's now a nice neutral sophisticated khaki color to offset the white trim. Because this was a huge job to tackle and it required hubby to be up on a 18 foot ladder painting trim, we had taken a little break between painting jobs.
Everything else was tolerable, until I was 9 months pregnant and two little marks on the wall were driving me crazy and I insisted to my husband that my baby could not be brought in to the world until the marks had been painted over. Not a big deal, he went into the garage found the can marked family room and carefully painted over the marks. He then proceeded to touch up a few other scuffs on the various walls in the room and that's when we found we had been had.
As the paint dried we noticed it didn't match the color on the wall, very close but not quite. Hubby double-checked the label, ran out in the garage to make sure that there was not another can and we looked at the wall again. Ah, but those two little pesky spots that started it all, they were gone and the color matched perfectly on that wall. After some deduction we found that each of the four walls in the room was a different color, each one only slightly lighter than the preceding wall. In the corner where the two walls met it allowed your mind to believe that shadows caused the slight difference in color.
As we have looked through the house now we still cannot tell if the walls are the same color or different in most of the rooms, but it seems that the 4 color approach was used in almost every room. It is kind of a fun game to play, are these walls the same or not?

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