Sunday, January 30, 2011

When you give my husband a paintbrush...

My daughter loves the books When you Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. As we have been working for the past few days on painting our kitchen, I have realized that when it comes to a home improvement project, my husband could be her inspiration for her next book. (Hubby, if you happen to read--you are enormously fantastic and you save us loads of money with your handyman skills, but admittedly sometimes your projects don't go as planned.)
If you Give My Husband a Paintbrush...
He's going to be taping off the trim for about a week (and if you have a toddler they are going to be untaping the trim for about a week).
Then he will proceed to use 5 different tools to paint the trim unable to decide which gives the straightest edge.
While he is stepping back to judge his handiwork he might knock a wine glass off the counter.
After this gets cleaned up and he goes back to painting, he will decide to pull the oven out to be sure that every area is painted thoroughly.
And as he moves the oven out the oven door will fall off, which then proceeds in to an hour-long event of trying to get it back in place.
While the wife is helping him she might notice how dirty the oven door is and decide to scrub it down while it is in place.
And then at the end of the day they notice the kitchen walls are still yellow, not green like they had planned. :)

Just kidding, it looks great. And my husband is extremely handy, but no matter what the project there always seems to be at least one mishap.


  1. hehehe! My kids also love that book! And this sounds a lot like not just most of my home improvement projects, but also a lot like most of my days in general! Following you from Making Friends Monday!

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